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2011-02-18 10:24:00 by JWStudios

So, I'm not really ever going to post many updates on this because I have a section on my site for that. I might just copy/paste some of the ones from my website on to here or visa versa.

Anyway the short film that is currently in the works is entitled "Friend or Foe" and its coming along swimmingly. The script is coming along, the character designs are all laid out, and the main plot is planned out! I'm also in the works on making a poster which will be available on My Zazzle at a later date! Right now I only have stuff made for EpiComix.

Speaking of EpiComix I just want to tell you guys what it is! Me and my friend created it! Basiclly me and my friend come up with ideas for comic books then he writes them, and I illustrate them!

So yeah!


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2011-02-18 10:28:00

Good luck Gee! : )

(Updated ) JWStudios responds:

thank you H! :D